Are you ready to Raise Funds?


Challenges in the life of an entrepreneur

For most would-be entrepreneurs, the most difficult part is taking that initial step. It might be quitting your job, creating a website, enrolling in a business accelerator programme, making your first pitch to someone, or just declaring your enterprise to the world and family and committing the funds and credit you have. This is usually the result of a lot of thought and planning. That is a period when your mind is likely to play tricks on you. Fear and uncertainty begin to seep in.

Financial Concerns

The first issue that all entrepreneurs encounter is obtaining funding for their venture. Older company entrepreneurs benefit from a track record of strong credit and years of networking, making it easier to locate investors and get loans and contracts. These resources are not yet available to the younger entrepreneur. You may be paying off school debts, which reduces your available cash. Because you dont have a long-established network, attracting investors may be more challenging. You have less room for mistakes due to the limited amount of finances. Make sure youve set aside enough money to deal with the worst-case situation. Also, dont expect to generate money straight soon.

Your Startups Fundraising

Startup funding takes a lot more effort than most young entrepreneurs think. Lacking a thorough grasp of the process and what it entails can result in a great deal of dissatisfaction, if not failed rounds, or at the very least unhappy terms. Its all about mastering storytelling and expressing the essence in 15 to 20 slides when it comes to fundraising. Take a look at the pitch deck template produced by Silicon Valley great, Peter Thiel, which I recently covered for a winning deck. With a $500K cheque that evolved into more than $1 billion in cash, Thiel was the first angel investor in Facebook. In addition, I offered feedback on a pitch.
Dealing with Criticism

You may be frequently told about the different ways your company might collapse. Many individuals believe that relying on shaky employment at a brick-and-mortar store is more secure than running your own business. Critics may be rather personal at times. Theyll be envious of and intimidated by your freedom, and theyll try to accentuate whatever flaws they may discover by projecting their fears onto you. Separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to this issue. Senior entrepreneurs may impart many valuable lessons, but they must learn to ignore rude comments and identity "advice." Allow the good to take precedence over negative influences, and dont waste your precious time on them.

Although both types of criticism challenge your ideas, character, or talent, damaging criticism may be hurtful to your pride and have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Destructive criticism is frequently the result of another persons carelessness, but it may also be intentional and nasty. In certain circumstances, destructive criticism can escalate to rage and/or aggressiveness.

Obtaining clients

Customers are difficult to come by for a small business. Your marketing budget cant reach as many people as a global corporation. People are more likely to remain with well-known brands and businesses with which they are already familiar. When it comes to price, though, a small business has a significant edge. Large firms charge more, and for many clients, that will be enough to convince them to select you over a well-known brand. Ensure that the product or service you give is of the highest quality so that you can retain consumers year after year.
Social Rejection

Its difficult to retain social relationships when you start your firm. You dont have coworkers to talk to, and your friends and family may be perplexed by your unique path. Plus, given how busy youll be at work, meeting new people and maintaining connections with those you currently know may be difficult. Fortunately, other young entrepreneurs are in a similar situation. Attend get-togethers where you may encourage and support one others aims and ideals. Co-working spaces are an excellent location to network while also keeping up with your job.