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What Is A PPT Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is often an 8-10 slide presentation deck designed to provide a brief overview of your firm, business plan, and startup concept. A pitch deck presentation can also be used for a variety of goals, such as attempting to secure a meeting with a new investor or speaking in front of an audience, and each one should be structured differently.

Firstly, before starting your Presentation always acknowledge Your Audience

Before you think of a successful business pitch, learn about your possible investors and adapt your proposal to them. Give a brief explanation of how your product operates and how you want to expand your firm. Allow investors to understand what your company does and persuade them that you deserve money. More importantly, discuss your business concept and demonstrate the problem you intend to solve. Keep in mind that investors want to know how your company will make profits for them. As a result, demonstrate how you intend to generate demand for your product and offer reasonable financial estimates.

What should you include in your pitch deck slides?


The first slide of the pitch deck should introduce the pitch deck and define the business in basic, easy-to-understand language. Businesses usually add a distinct value proposition in their opening slide, which compares their products and services to those of another well-known brand.


Include information on the characteristics that distinguish your product or service from other entities or alternatives in its market—this information can be gleaned via your competitive study.


The team pitch deck slide will highlight the knowledge and capabilities of a company's management team in marketing and selling a product. List the key team members and co-founders (if relevant) and explain how their expertise and previous experience can assist the company to develop a competitive advantage.


Occasionally, entrepreneurs may create a pitch deck ppt that omits a critical piece of information: the amount of money required to fund the business. It's critical to provide that information, as well as how the funds will be used to help the company attain its objectives. This explanation will help investors gain much-needed trust.


Finally, In this pitch deck slide, you can begin to describe your product or service. Describe how your product is used by clients and how to solve the problems. You'll be tempted to relocate this slide closer to the start of your pitch deck slide, but avoid the urge. This is a classic example of storytelling in which you build up the problem and illustrate how horrible it is for many individuals. Now your product or service is stepping in to help solve that problem. Most entrepreneurs are preoccupied with their products when they should be preoccupied with their clients and the difficulties they confront.