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What is Pitch Deck

A pitch deck, also known as a start-up or investor pitch deck, is a presentation that provides information about your company to possible investors. The fundamental purpose of a pitch deck, as weird as it may sound, is to get to the next meeting, not to get funds. Obtaining finance entails a multi-step procedure. The first rung on the ladder is a good, informative pitch deck. Youll want to pitch investors with a concept that piques their interest and encourages them to interact with you. A pitch deck presentation is made up of several slides that help you create a convincing tale about your company. You can make one with standard software like PowerPoint or with a cutting-edge tool like Visme to produce a one-of-a-kind presentation. According to a study conducted by Docsend, the average pitch deck is 19.2 pages long, with an investor spending 3 minutes 44 seconds reading it. As a result, your pitch deck should be no more than 20 pages long, as the investor will only spend 4 minutes reading it. If youre a well-established startup with a lot of traction, dont worry if your pitch deck includes a lot of slides because they bring value to your position. A SketchDeck study found that a Series A deck can contain 3x more data than seed decks.

How Pitch Deck are used?

The most crucial aspects of your company strategy should be included in a good pitch deck template. It should be versatile so that you may share or download your presentation to a variety of audiences, including investors and actual clients. In case you wish to delve deeper into the various pitch deck versions later, weve previously discussed them. Your decks opening two slides should be beautiful to keep your audiences attention throughout the rest of the presentation. Your firm name, one hero image representing your startup, and your elevator pitch or tagline should all be included. This text should be a 5-7 word explanation of your product or service, just enough for people to grasp what you do. Dont be a glutton for punishment. Also, use a product image that accurately portrays and describes your companys mission. A person actively using your product or service is frequently depicted in-hero photos.

1. Tell it like it is

Entrepreneurs may want to cram as much information as possible onto their initial pitch deck, but less is often more. More enticing than a lot of text, simple, clearly defined ideas described in bullet points and graphical information might lead to queries and even follow-up meetings.

2. Prioritize the story over the numbers

A pitch meetings purpose is to engage possible investors. A narrative approach will have more impact than a list of facts and data. Entrepreneurs should tell investors relatable tales about their businesses, such as how customers use their products or services to improve their lives.

3. The market that youre after

A target market is a collection of people who have a lot in common. Every service or product caters to a particular demographic, and yours should be highlighted in your pitch deck. Include information on your companys competitive environment and the market opportunity to prosper in that environment.

4. Solution

How the firm addresses the challenges that your target market is facing should be stated on the solution slide. The ideal method to convey this information is to use a narrative approach, which involves telling relatable anecdotes of consumers who have used these items to enhance their lives. Support such claims with detailed explanations and images of the items or services, such as photographs, screenshots, or even videos of a live demonstration.